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Subcontracting activities
URRESTARAZU METAL WORKING, S.L. Manufacture of components by bar turning, forging and machining for the automotive industry and other sectors.
Castellanos y Echevarría-Vitoria S.A. CEVISA Manufacture and design of insert holder machines, made and developed with own patent. Manufacture and design of special machinery under customer design, sets, parts and pieces, the manufacture, design and carved of all kinds of gears and the manufacture of speed reducers.
Talleres Abásolo SA Manufacture of metallic structures and its components. Sheet metal working and machining. Maintenance. Custom made solutions.
OPTIMUS 3D Integral technical services of Engineering and manufacture by means of diverse technologies of 3D printing as FDM, SLS, MJF, SLM and Polyjet
PIMESA Manufacturing of made-to-measure cables Electronic and electric interconnections Used in automotive engineering, electronics, electrical appliances, machine tools, Aeolian energy and sun energy. Design and assembly of cupboards and control boards. System assembly of cable chains. Assembly of boxes of connection and electronic made-to-measure sets.
BURDINBERRI SL Machining of high quality precision tooling for major sectors. Our product range includes the design and manufacture of the following types of tools: MOULDS: Produced in various materials such as aluminum, steel, Invar, etc.. PLANING and / or DRILLING: Produced in materials such as steel, aluminum or various polymers ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION: From the assembly of small groups to large tooling for assembly or drilling of complete units. GAUGES AND CONTROL EQUIPMENT RESIN MODELS FOR NICKEL TOOLING.
NAIVAN TRANSFORMADOS SL Medium and light sheet metal working, boilermaking, specialized in the manufacture under order of structural elements, railroad material, tools, special machinery, supports and aesthetic pieces or of coating.
MYCESA - MONTAJES Y CONSTRUCCIONES ESPECIALES, S.A. Comprehensive project management: machining, testing and assembly. Construction and installation of special equipment. Construction of single parts and short series from drawings. Welding. Machined welding. Casting. Turning. Milling. Boring. Grinding. Management of heat and chemical treatments and processes and to achieve different surface finishes. Integrated management of the manufacturing process and assembly of parts, assemblies and machinery. Manufacture and assembly of parts, assemblies and special precision machinery and high added value parts. Co-design in close collaboration with the client. Repair and recovery of parts and assemblies. Dimensional and three-dimensional verification. Turnkey solutions.
INDARABA - INDUSTRIAS ARABA S.L. Precision machining, medium and large series (10.000-300.000 / year) Delivery of finished parts according to drawing. Weight from .0001 up to 250 Kgs. Dimensions up to 500x500x750 mm.
Gometegui Industrial SL Experts in the comprehensive manufacture of large components for heavy industry. We are capable of machining parts up to 6.5 meters high, 12 meters in diameter and 125 tons in weight in our workshop. There are vertical and horizontal lathes, boring and milling machines among our machinery. All of them are at your disposal and will meet your highest requirements and the most demanding tolerances.
INDUSTRIAS FAPISE SA - Mechanized 5 axes Mechanized of pieces in wheel, milling machine or grinding machine under customer design or sample. Speciality milling of big pieces up to 10.000 x 1.600 x .3.000 mm. Lathing to diameter 810x3.000 between points. Unitary, small and medium series. - Design and mechanized of molds of injection of plastic. We have auxiliary workshop of injection with machines up to 500 Tn. - design of product and programming CAD/CAM. Possibility of agglutinating from conception of product, happening for the mold of injection up to the issue in series of pieces injected into plastic.- Dimensional metrology. Inverse engineering.
MENDI GROUP Specialized in machining tubular components and drawing parts from 10kg to 20 Tn. Horizontal multifunction lathe Turning up to Ø1600 and 10.000mm 5 Axes milling Honing Deep hole boring Welding Painting Single parts and medium series Managing the whole assembly of assemblies and sub-assemblies (commercial elements, treatments...) Global project management
ARIZNABARRETA, S.A. Parts machining, according to plans or sample in: Milling machine, CNC lathe, drilling machines, grinding machines, honing machines, hose lapping, hydraulic turning, vibration parts and petrochemical material.
REM-IRU SL We provide solutions to "impossible" ideas or projects on the metal working field. Fine and medium boilermaking: laser cutting, punching, folded, paneling, weld. Integral management of product: mechanized, thermal treatments and surface ones, painting. We offer completely finished pieces to our clients, including assembly of sets, kits and commercial elements.
AIBE - Design and construction of: Manufacture tooling. Verification tooling. Special machines.- Special machining and high pressure grinding. Machining by jig boring and grinding machines. Machining by turning, milling, boring, punching and grinding. Pa
TALLERES AGUI S.A. We are a Full Service Supplier (FSS), specialised in integrating units and mechanical assemblies. As well as participating in product design with our clients, we also design and implement product industrialisation, defining and managing the supply chain and evaluating Best Cost Suppliers for each project and final product manufacturing.
MEKIFASA MECANIZADOS KIESERLING FABRIL SA Manufacture of tools and tooling for hot and demi-hot forging. Manufacture of components for machine tools. Manufacture of rolls for tube straighteners and bar calibrating machines. Manufacture of high-precision elements in unitary parts and small series. Manufacture of assemblies and souassemblies.
GRUPO IAM We perform wire and die-sinking electro-erosion jobs for industries such as aeronautics, electric motors, white line, machine tools, dies, etc.We make water-jet cuts for the aeronautical, naval, and electric industries, public works, etc.We perform machining jobs using high speed centres for aeronautics, forging, dies, moulds, etc.Microwaterjet cutting
FUNDICIONES ARABA SL Aluminium sand and gravity die casting. Machine moulding: Moulding boxes in several sizes: 460x330 mm, 485x350 mm, 570x470 mm. Hand moulding: Moulding boxes up to 3000 x 2000 mm. Weight of parts up to 500 kg. We subcontract the manufacturing of casting dies and boxes, as well as the heat treatments and tests.
CALDERERIA LANTEGI, S.A Started in 1982, it is a company dedicated to manufacturing equipment out off carbon steel and stainless steel, with qualified personnel to undertake any boilermaking, maintenance or assembly at work.-Installations and designs in carbon and stainless steel for the paper, cellulose, chemical and food industries.-Vats, silos storage tanks.-Pipe installations.-Manufacture of machine welded sets according to plans, frameworks, bedplates, valve bodies, rollers, etc.-Tubular exchanges-Boilermaking in general.-Manufacturer of pressure apparatus inscribed in the Territorial Industry Delegation, we have a technical office for the study and calculation of the equipment.