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Subcontracting activities
Talleres Abásolo SA Manufacture of metallic structures and its components. Sheet metal working and machining. Maintenance. Custom made solutions.
BRONYMEC, S.A. Bronymec offers an extraordinary specialized service in the distribution and machining of Thermoplastics and Composites, in addition to Additive Manufacturing.
FUNDICIONES SEIAK, S.L. Casting in series of all kinds of parts in aluminium and its alloys in gravity. Chill moulding and sand casting systems (metal mould) in a plant 3000 Mts2 with 23 workers.Supplementary services to casting:? Manufacture of models and metal moulds ? Thermal treatments? Machining? Surface finishing? Mechanical, chemical tests, etc?Quality system implemented in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standard.Risk at work prevention system implemented, Law 31/1995 of 8/11
RODAMIENTOS EDER, S.L We are a manufacturer and marketing company of special ball bearings. Our bearings are made according to drawings, and customer needs. We can make a difference between two big groups of bearings: plastic coated or without plastic coated (metallic). Moreover we can produce the same bearing in different qualities depending its application. Those qualities depend on the turning , or grinding quality Bearing diameters between 10 mm to 100 m or more.
FUNDICIONES ARABA SL Aluminium sand and gravity die casting. Machine moulding: Moulding boxes in several sizes: 460x330 mm, 485x350 mm, 570x470 mm. Hand moulding: Moulding boxes up to 3000 x 2000 mm. Weight of parts up to 500 kg. We subcontract the manufacturing of casting dies and boxes, as well as the heat treatments and tests.
PLASTICOS URTETA S.L Injection of all plastic class, thermoplastic as muchtermoestables, from 0.5 gr. to 6 kg Construction of molds. Injection by gas.
MEKIFASA MECANIZADOS KIESERLING FABRIL SA Manufacture of tools and tooling for hot and demi-hot forging. Manufacture of components for machine tools. Manufacture of rolls for tube straighteners and bar calibrating machines. Manufacture of high-precision elements in unitary parts and small series. Manufacture of assemblies and souassemblies.
SUPRESU, S.L Bar automatic lathing. Special turning machine (Mobile tailstock lathe for roll material machining).CNC tuning machine, 1-42 mm moving head. Bar turning. Mechanics of precision. Micro-mechanic. Plastic products machining. Manufacture of prototypes in CNC. Vertical CNC machining centres. GrindingCNC prototypes production
GOILASER S.A Laser cutting of carbon steel, wear-proof steel, special steel, etc. up to a thickness of 25 mm. Laser cutting of stainless steel up to a thickness of 20 mm. Cutting of aluminium up to a thickness of 15 mm. Precision folding of parts and plate up to 3 metres long. Robot welding of parts in series. Drilling part units and series. Threading part units and series.
REM-IRU SL We provide solutions to "impossible" ideas or projects on the metal working field. Fine and medium boilermaking: laser cutting, punching, folded, paneling, weld. Integral management of product: mechanized, thermal treatments and surface ones, painting. We offer completely finished pieces to our clients, including assembly of sets, kits and commercial elements.
TTTGROUP Thermal treatment in controlled atmosphere, tempering, annealing, cementations, carbo-nitriding, etc. High vacuum thermal treatments, annealing, tempering, annealing. Treatment stainless steel, titanium, super alloys. Treatment of light alloys and bronze. TENIFER nitriding process. NITREG gas nitriding. ?Plasma Nitriding? Induction heat treatments HF & MF. Shotpeening & Flappeening. Hard Chrome / Matt Chrome. Grinding and Lapping. Thermal Spraying : Plasma, H.V.O.F., H.F.P.D. Oxiacetylene and ELECTRIC ARC.
MENDI GROUP Specialized in machining tubular components and drawing parts from 10kg to 20 Tn. Horizontal multifunction lathe Turning up to Ø1600 and 10.000mm 5 Axes milling Honing Deep hole boring Welding Painting Single parts and medium series Managing the whole assembly of assemblies and sub-assemblies (commercial elements, treatments...) Global project management
INDUSTRIAS FAPISE SA - Mechanized 5 axes Mechanized of pieces in wheel, milling machine or grinding machine under customer design or sample. Speciality milling of big pieces up to 10.000 x 1.600 x .3.000 mm. Lathing to diameter 810x3.000 between points. Unitary, small and medium series. - Design and mechanized of molds of injection of plastic. We have auxiliary workshop of injection with machines up to 500 Tn. - design of product and programming CAD/CAM. Possibility of agglutinating from conception of product, happening for the mold of injection up to the issue in series of pieces injected into plastic.- Dimensional metrology. Inverse engineering.
ENGRANAJES GRINDEL, S.A.L. Ground gears wheels and pinions: Module: From 1 to 14 D/D: From 24' to 2 1/4' Diameter: From 25 mm - 1' to 1000 mm - 27' Splined Shafts Milling:Max. Length: 600 mm. - 23'Min. Diam. (mm.-D/P) : 16 mm - 3/4'Max Diam. (mm.-D/P): 100 mm - 4' Grinding: Max. Length: 1200 mm. - 47'Min. Diam. (mm.-D/P): 16 mm - 3/4'Max Diam. (mm.-D/P): 120 mm - 4 3/4'
INDARABA - INDUSTRIAS ARABA S.L. Precision machining, medium and large series (10.000-300.000 / year) Delivery of finished parts according to drawing. Weight from .0001 up to 250 Kgs. Dimensions up to 500x500x750 mm.
TORNILLERIA DEBA, S.A.L 170 Millions Pieces, 3800 Tons.Capacity: From 6 to 24 mm.Large Capacity: From 12 to 150 mm.Cold Stamping Sector.Cold deforming components production, specially for the automotive and auxiliary industry.SCREWS: Standarized, " Package ", with incorporated hanging washer and special according to drawing.NUTS: Specials according to drawing and standarized.ADAPTERS: Standarized, autowelded with one or two threads.SCREWS AND NUTS WELDED: Standarized and according to drawing.SPECIAL PARTS.MATERIAL QUALITY: Screw 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9 y 12.9 . Nuts: 6, 8, 10. And all kind of material.
MECANIZADOS KANTER, S.A. Precision machining. Integral development of product production. High speed machining. Maximum part size 1m3. 3 CAD-CAM posts. Medium part series 10-100.
MECANIZADOS TAME, S.A.L We machine parts for the vehicle, railway and naval sectors, agricultural machinery, for mining, building and public works. The series of parts we machine vary between lots of 250 and 10,000 parts, the sizes of these parts are up to a diameter of 400 mm and 1 m. In length. Our speciality is machining forged and cast parts.
JEGAN, S.A.L. Industrial Division: Die-casting Zamak pieces and their finishes: Electrolitic cleaning and electrostatic painting for the automotive, household appliance and electronic industries
SISFLE, S.A. Manufacture and/or machining of parts made of special and light (Al, Mg, Ti),stainless, in small and medium batches, and intended for sectors with high quality requirements as aerospace, electronics, space, data processing, optics, defense, electro-medicine, energy, automotive, etc.) Manufacture of special systems and assemblies. On the other hand, we expect our Services to be as complete as possible, and for that purpose we offer our Customers a global manufacturing solution. Thanks to our ground structure in Production and Quality Engineering, we subcontract the tasks we cannot carry out with our own manufacturing means, so that our customer can get his parts or assemblies fully finished and ready to be fitted, with a unique management and with only a company in charge.