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Subcontracting activities
INNOMETAL 2019 SL Fabricación de chapa perforada y metal expandido
LARRENO, S.L. Stamps, assemblies and welding.
LASER BIDEZ, S.L. Laser cutting machines, primarily for sheets and pipes. Cutting for 20mm carbon steel, 15mm stainless steel, 12mm aluminium and diameter cutting for pipes from 30 to 300mm. Boiler works with thin sheets for electrical panels, electrical cabinets, etc., and thin boiler construction works with liquid and powder paint finishes.
MANUFACTURAS JICA S.L. Plastic Injection
MCG STAMPING, SL Estampación piezas metálicas sector Automoción y Línea Blanca
Mecánicas de Precisión Goiuria SL
METAL PERFORMERS, S.A. Chipforming metal cutting
Metal Smelting, S.A. Metal Smelting has 3 production plants that offer the following production solutions: Large parts casting (Iurreta): Grey and nodular iron casting of pieces between 80 and 1500 kg (Automatic chemical moulding line. Medium/short series) and pieces up to 3000 kg (Manual line. Short series). Medium parts casting (Legutio): Grey, nodular and adi iron casting of pieces between 15 and 80 kg (Horizontal green molding line - medium/large series). Small partscasting (Elorrio): Nodular iron casting of pieces between 0.5 and 15 kg (disamatic molding line. Large series/automotive)
METALÚRGICA MARINA, S.A. Construction and repair of machinery General machining Special machining Heavy boiler Fine Boiler Tooling and Tools Construction and assembly of subsets Engineering and Projects Automation and mechanisms General and special Maintenance Structural Steelwork and Mounts Assemblies and metal hardware
Mugape S.L MUGAPE es una empresa, con 30 años de experiencia en el suministro de servicios de tratamientos superficiales. MUGAPE forma parte del Grupo ESTALKI CORPORATION XXI S.L. Entre sus principales servicios destacan: 1. TRATAMIENTOS ORGÁNICOS E INORGÁNICOS: Metalizados, Cromados, Anodizados de aluminio y magnesio, aplicación de cerámicos sobre anodizados, fosfatados, pasivados de aluminio y acero inoxidable, aplicación de pinturas, primers y recubrimientos protectores. 2. ENSAYOS NO DESTRUCTIVOS: Inspección por líquidos penetrantes. MUGAPE dispone de los sistemas de calidad ISO 9001, ISO-TS 16949 e ISO-14000. En la actualidad, MUGAPE es TIER 2 de Volkswagen y ha sido recientemente acreditada como Pyme innovadora.
NEW FEPA, S.L.L. Special screws and bolts manufacture: by cold pressing, from 6 to 12 mm Ø and 15-100 length; by hot pressing, from 5 to 45 mm Ø and 12-350 mm length Manufacture of bolts, rivets and pins of the same dimensions as above. Drop forging of parts up to about 1 kg. Cold extrusion.
P4Q Electronics S.L.
RECUBRIMIENTOS IREKI, S.L. Our main activity is the partial or complete coating of metal parts, especially for the electricity sector.
RONAY PRECISIÓN, S.L. Machining of all types of CNC and conventional parts in any material. Integral solution for the comprehensive construction of parts, resolving everything related to acquiring any type of raw material, treatments, Assemblies, etc. Assemblies, Cold stamping.
ROTOBASQUE, S.L.U. Fabricación de piezas plásticas mediante la tecnología del rotomoldeo.